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Welcome to HarborChase of Gainesville, Florida

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It is difficult to find the right words to express my utmost gratitude to all of you who cared for my mother, Mitzi Yacynych while this was her “home”. Although she was frequently smiling, I know she was a bit irascible at times early in her stay. Knowing she had a safe and comfortable place to live was so important to me.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of HarborChase for the kindness and love they gave my mother, Lavonne Palmer, while she was a resident there.

You are also to be commended on your Human Resources skills. The HarborChase staff is top notch!

Sincerely yours,



Thank you very much for your kind words and generous cards.  My family is overwhelmed by this show of kindness. Caroline is doing a bit better, so hopefully we can go home soon- again thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Elisabeth & Family


HarborChase of GainesvilleSeniors enjoying tea

What comes to mind when you think of assisted living? Is it a gracious environment filled with the sounds of laughter and song? Is it the gentle touch of a caregiver who knows you…by heart? Might it be the smile of a new friend, or is it a warm, welcoming place that truly is home and all of the above? Welcome to HarborChase of Gainesville Assisted Living and Memory Care in sunny Florida.

Learn more about our acclaimed Assisted Living program by clicking here.

All the comforts of home and so much more

The lovely, welcoming setting is only the beginning of the warmth HarborChase of Gainesville Assisted Living and Memory Care can bring to your life. Here, you'll enjoy elegant community spaces, fresh, delicious meals in a well-appointed dining room, the convenience of cleaning and laundry services. You'll relish the comfort of an apartment where all your precious keepsakes, choice of decor and even your own furnishings are welcome. And having expert care on call 24/7 as well as respectful assistance with dressing, grooming and walking brings a constant sense of security and well-being.

Seniors taking a walkBe as active as you wish

It is our mission to ensure that every resident leads a full, cherished life. That's why we offer a wide variety of activities and excursions. But we also respect your privacy and your wishes. So whether you choose to participate in a club or one of our life enrichment programs, join an excursion to the beautiful Kanapaha Botanical Gardens or just savor a sunlit afternoon in the company of new friends, you'll find each day here gets brighter and better.

Caregiver and residentMemory Care

In addition to our Assisted Living program, HarborChase of Gainesville Assisted Living and Memory Care offers the gold standard in care for those afflicted with some form of dementia.

So if you're caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's or related conditions, please call us so we can help you along your journey. Our acclaimed Memory Care community is a safe and loving harbor for the lives of all our residents and their families.

Learn more about our acclaimed Memory Care program by clicking here. Then please come enjoy lunch on us and tour our community. Together we can make a difference in your life or that of your loved one.



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